​​​​​​​​​​​I N T E R N A T I O N A L


Frequently asked questions

So what's the difference in Catalog, On-Line Only, and Discovery? 

Catalog Auctions: Lots are numerical order with bidders participating live in the auction gallery or on-site, by phone, by absentee bid, or by Internet both live and absentee. Pick up is available immediately following check-out as well as during scheduled pick up dates posted for each auction.

On-Line Only: Internet bidding only for cataloged items. All bids are placed via Internet through multiple bidding platforms open during auction for both absentee bids placed prior to a lot being auctioned or live bidding during auction by Internet. Competing bids can be entered by different on-line bidding platforms during the auction, so a high bid placed by absentee on one platform does not assure you are a winning bidder. If you really want a lot, make sure you are bidding live during the auction.

Discovery Auctions: Items are auctioned on-site or in the auction gallery for live bidders attending the auction. Items are hammered to the highest bidder ON-SITE and are removed from auction upon check-out! These are not items numbered in a catalog on-line for auction. Bid live in person only--see photographs on Auction Zip, Estate Sales sites, and preview lots in person the day of the auction. The only bidding opportunity for Discovery Auctions is to be at the auction.

Where to I pick up items I purchased on-line?

Auctions are held at The A.E.G. located on 155 Jenny Drive, Salisbury, NC 28146 UNLESS the auction is an "On-Site" auction. On-site indicates the auction is at the estate and items are picked up from the estate. The address will be included on the invoice for pick up.

How do I load my items?

Packing and loading items are the bidder's responsibility. If it is heavy, bring help to load it. If you need blankets to wrap a piece of furniture, bring blankets. If you purchased porcelains and need them wrapped and boxed to move, bring boxes and paper or bubble wrap to pack your items. The auction staff does not pack, wrap, or load items for bidders. 

When is the auction gallery open for pick up for shippers or bidders who cannot attend an auction?

We do not have set hours for being open to the public on a daily basis, however for every auction we post pick up days and times prior to the auction. Bidders should make arrangements to pick up during those times if bidding on items. Shippers can also pick up during those times.

With the growing number of "U Shippers" providing services, check references before you hire someone. Many new shippers are working on their time around other jobs, have unreliable vehicles, and agree to jobs for which they have no experience.

We schedule shippers for a pick up window of one to two hours based on availability. Be aware we do not arrange our business hours to accommodate shippers when it is convenient for their route when picking up for multiple clients. We do not open at 6 am, nor will we be available beyond 5 pm on a work day.  We are unable to wait an hour or two beyond when the shipper's window expires for pick up. If you are going to pick up on Thursday between 2-3 pm, do not contact me at 5 pm wondering why you cannot get anyone to open the gallery door. We make other appointments and commitments based on when we know we are available.

We understand things happen and sometimes people are sometimes late, and when possible we adjust our schedules--especially if a responsible shipper gives us a call to let us know they are running behind long before they are supposed to be at the door for pick up. However, if we cannot amend our schedules to meet your tardiness, do not claim we aren't being reasonable.